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Dictionary of Sex Terminology

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wank (verb) - MASTURBATE.

watersports (noun) - Sex acts involving urine or ENEMAS. See also GOLDEN SHOWER.

wax (verb) - To give a HAND JOB.

Johnny enjoys being "waxed".

wet (adjective) - Said of a woman, sexually aroused and producing vaginal lubrication.

She needs to be very nimble and very wet to manage this. And it's best to hold onto her in case she slips, doing you a very nasty injury in the process.

wet dream(noun) -NOCTURNAL EMISSION.

whore (noun) - Derogatory term for prostitute.

wife swapping (noun) - Swinging. When a married couple has sex with other people, particularly with other married couples.

wood, woody (noun) - ERECTION.

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