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Dictionary of Sex Terminology

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ta ta (noun) - Humorous term for breasts.

When most guys go to a strip club, they're just happy enough seeing gals dance around naked. But what if those girls did more than just shake their ta-ta's for us?

tea room (noun) - A public toilet where gay men often have sex.

teabagging (verb) - When a man lowers his testicles down onto someone's mouth. So-called because of the resemblance to lowering a teabag into water

Allow him to lower his scrotum into your mouth. Suck on one testicle, then the other, then both if you can stretch aroun ... Try stroking his penis while you're teabagging for some extreme oral fun. 

tease (verb) - To cause arousal in someone or the expectation of sexual activity without following through on that promise. 

tit, tits (noun) - A woman's breasts.

tit fuck (verb) - To place the penis between a woman's breasts and thrust, as if engaging in intercourse.

top (noun) - 1. The dominant person in BDSM activity.

2. The one who penetrates during anal sex, especially between gay males.

Moving between the bodies, I take a seat and watch the center of the action -- two tops take turns with a bottom. The sex is silent, serious and very intense. It continues for what seems like an hour, finally culminating with the two tops each getting off inside the bottom.

tranny (noun) - TRANSSEXUAL.

taint (noun) - The perineum, the strip of tissue between the genitals and the anus of both men and women

It is the small strip of tissue between the genitals and the anus. It is sometimes called the taint because "it ain't the vagina/penis and 't ain't the anus either!"

threesome (noun) - When three people have sex at once. See menage a trois

toss (someone's) salad (verb) - To perform oral sex on someone's anus. To perform ANILINGUS.

Keep baby wipes in your side pocket, and your girlfriend will be begging to toss your salad in no time.

train (noun) - 1, A line of men having sex, where each man anally penetrates the man in front of him, connecting together like the cars of a train. 2. A group of people lined up waiting to have sex with someone

transgendered (adjective) - Living as the opposite sex from which one is born, especially having undergone surgery and/or hormone treatments to make oneself appear like the opposite sex.

transsexual (noun) - Someone who has undergone surgery and/or hormone treatments to appear and live as the opposite sex.

transvestite (noun) - A man who dresses in women's clothing, make-up, etc. Usage note: transvestite usually refers to a man who regularly dresses like a woman and goes out in public that way. 

trib, tribbing (verb) - Engaging in tribadism.

tribadism (noun) - The lesbian sex practice of rubbing two vaginas together.

turned-on (adjective) - Sexually excited; aroused.

twink (noun) - A gay man, specifically one who looks young, has a slight build, and had little body hair.

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