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sadism (noun) - Getting sexual pleasure by inflicting pain, discomfort, or humiliation on someone. See also BDSM.

Sapphic (adjective) - Of or relating to lesbians.

scat (noun) - Sex play involving shit. See also COPROPHILIA.

Even experienced scat lovers can find nausea at the borders of enjoyment. "The goal of every true shit eater is to see how much he can eat before he barfs," contends Rob, a 38-year-old Philadelphia lawyer.

schmuck (noun, adjective) - Yiddish slang for foreskin, (shmok), an obscene term and an insult. A jerk, stupid or idiotic person.

scissor fight (noun) - When two women press their vaginas together by intertwining their legs; tribadism. 

score (verb) - To have sex. Especially used to describe a man having sex with a woman for the first time.

scrotum (noun) - The sack that holds the testicles.

Once you feel comfortable with the way his balls feel in your hand, gently roll them up the underside of his shaft. Depending on their size and the amount of room in the scrotum, they will most likely reach to half way of his penis. He will like the way this feels.

semen (noun) - The sperm-containing fluid that a man expels when he has an orgasm; CUM.

sex addict, sexual addict (noun) - Someone with a compulsive, often self-destructive need to engage in sexual activity 

If men truly are the sexual aggressors in our society, the ones who can be promiscuous without consequence, then who is it exactly they are being promiscuous with?  Sex addicts like me?  Or, is it the "sex addict" in each of you... >

sexpert (noun) - Someone who has gained a reputation as being an expert on sex, especially someone who appears in the media talking about sex.

Even renowned sexperts such as Dr. Ruth Westheimer won't say for certain that it really exists, so don't feel bad if you haven't managed to locate this elusive erotic area.

sex surrogate  (noun) - A counselor who helps people with their sexual problems by engaging in sexual activity with them.

sex therapist (noun) - A counselor or psychologist who helps people with their sexual problems.

sex toys -n. An object designed to enhance sexual pleasure. Examples include a dildo or vibrator.

sexual intercourse  (noun) - Sexual relations that generally include penetration of the vagina by the penis.

shaft (noun) - Referring to an erect penis, the area from the base to (but not including) the head.

I shall wax my shaft to a high gloss sheen whilst dreaming of peace.

shemale (noun) - A transsexual who has not yet undergone a complete sex change, so that he has both breasts and a penis.

shocker (noun) - A technique of manual stimulation where the pointer and middle finger are inserted into a woman's vagina while the pinkie is inserted the anus. Also referred to as a "six pack" (that's how you hold a six pack of beer), "two in the pink, one in the stink" or "two on the clit one in the shit".

shoot (verb) - To EJACULATE.

shrimp, shrimping, (verb) - Licking or sucking someone's toes during sex.

His favorite podophilic cuisine is toes dipped in cocktail sauce with fresh shrimps in between, a succulent hors d'oeuvre before a full meal of sex. Since "shrimping" is slang for toe-sucking, we call this "shrimping cocktails."

sixty-nine (69) n. Oral sex performed by two people on each other simultaneously. Called "69" due to the shape of the two numerals, which suggests the sex act.

slut (noun) - A derogatory term for a woman who has had many sexual partners.

S&M (noun) - See BDSM.

smegma (noun) - A white, cheesy substance secreted by the sebaceous glands that collects under the foreskin.

It also varies in amount in relation to the so-called "smegma producing capacity" of the foreskin cavity. In other words, a long or wide foreskin produces more smegma than a short or narrow one. This is to be expected since the function of smegma is to produce a uniform general lubrication between foreskin and glans.

smurf (verb) - Slapping someone in the face with your penis.

sniffer's row, sniff row (noun) - The row of seats nearest the stage in a strip club.

At first she lay on her stomach, thrusting her posterior up and down, seemingly oblivious to the hoots and howls of the gentlemen positioned directly around the stage. (Steel remembered a group from high school sneaking into a strip joint somewhere and reporting back that this area was known as "Pervert's Row or "Sniffer's Row." Now he understood why.)

There is a big double stage with a lot of chairs around it, and for a buck you can get a pretty good show sitting on sniff row.

snowball (verb) - After a man ejaculates in someone's mouth, passing the semen back and forth between partners.

snow blow (noun) - Performing oral sex on a man with ice cubes in your mouth.

sodomy (noun) - A legal term, usually denoting anal sex or oral sex performed on a man.

softcore (noun) - Sexual pictures, movies, etc. that do not show penetration and usually do not show an erect penis. Opposite of hardcore. Opposite of HARDCORE.

sexually transmitted disease (noun) - Any disease transmitted through sexual contact. See VENEREAL DISEASE.

Spanish fly (noun) - A supposed aphrodisiac potion, sometimes put surreptitiously into the drink of a partner to make them sexually interested.

I always thought that Spanish fly was a herbal ointment, but it seems it is the juice of a poor little beetle... It is actually made from the blister beetle, Latin name Cantharis vesicatoria or Lytta vesicatoria and is highly toxic.

Blister beetles are named for their defensive mechanism of releasing a drop of bright-orange blood laced with the chemical cantharidin, which causes severe pain and blistering upon contact with the skin. This substance is also used in the dubious aphrodisiac "Spanish Fly," which, when ingested, causes severe burning in the urinary tract.

spermicide (noun) - A substance that kills sperm, often applied to a condom or other contraceptive device. 

spoon (position) (noun) - ; spooning (verb) -   When two people lie parallel on their sides facing in the same direction. Usually with a man pressing his crotch against a woman's ass.

spunk (noun) - SEMEN.

"You've got funky-tasting spunk," Samantha tells her bitter she refuses to fellate his foully spurting member.


strap-on, strap-on dildo (noun) - A DILDO that is worn by someone, attached to a harness, so that it can be thrust into a partner like a penis.

Raping his mouth was a longer process than I'm sure he expected. Because I wasn't just shoving my strap-on dick into his mouth; that was merely the warm-up.

stripper (noun) - Someone who exposees their nude or semi-nude body for money.

sub (noun) - SUBMISSIVE.

submissive (noun) - The person who is dominated in a BDSM relationship. 

switch (noun) - Someone who can act either as a dominant or submissive in BDSM play.

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