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Dictionary of Sex Terminology

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rainbow sex (noun) - Performing oral sex on a woman while she is menstruating.

rimming (noun) -, rim job (noun) - Performing oral sex on the anus, especially licking the edge of the anus. See also ANILINGUS.

raw (adjective) - Sex without a condom; BAREBACK.

Distinct from an infrequent slip-up, drunken mishap or safer-sex "relapse," barebacking represents a conscious, firm decision to forgo condoms and, despite the dangers, unapologetically revel in the pleasure of doing it raw.

reach around (noun) - The act of performing anal sex on a man reaching around to the front to simultaneously give him a HAND JOB.

red wings (noun) - Oral sex performed on a woman while she is menstruating, see also EAGLE WINGS.

rubber (noun) - CONDOM.

rusty trombone (noun) - When someone licks a man's ass and reaches around to the front to masturbate his penis. So called because it appears that the person is blowing into the ass and manipulating the penis like a musical instrument. Also may refer to performing oral sex on a man right after he's engaged in anal sex.

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