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pack the fudge (verb) - A crude and often derogatory term for engaging in anal sex. See also FUDGE PACKER.

paraphilia (noun) - A sexual obsession, usually over an object or sex act. See also FETISH.

A paraphilia refers to a form of sexual gratification that is based on use of a particular object, technique, or situation, usually to the exclusion of other avenues of sexual fulfillment. Examples include frotteurism (sexual arousal is achieved by rubbing up against people) and various forms of cross-dressing or transvestism.

PC (Pubococcygeus) muscle (noun) - The muscle targeted in Kegel exercises.

In trying to identify the PC muscle, women sometimes make the mistake of tightening the all of surrounding muscles -- in their stomachs, thighs, and buttocks.

Contract and relax the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle located along your perineum-otherwise known as the "love" muscle-as if you're trying to intermittently stop the flow of urine.

pearl necklace (noun) - Ejaculating on someone's neck and upper chest, especially after receiving fellatio. Derived from the white drops of cum that are reminiscent of pearls.

penetration (noun) -, penetrate (verb) - 1. Inserting the penis into the vagina. 

Many women still silently endure pain, friction (not the good kind), and irritation from penetration without proper lubrication.

2. Inserting the penis into the anus.

peg (verb) - To use a strap-on dildo on someone.

My girlfriend loves to peg me because she enjoys the power trip"

penis (noun) - The male sex organ that engorges with blood and becomes erect. It is inserted into the vagina during sexual intercourse and expels semen when a man reaches an orgasm.

petit mort (noun) - French for the "little death"; an ORGASM.

"I'm terrified. One thing I'm curious about though, why is it sometimes called 'Le petit Mort'?" "'The Little Death'? There are various thoughts on that, some ancients believed that every orgasm you had shortened your life. Maybe it's because sensations are so intense that you faint, I suppose passing out could be considered to be a little like death," replied Mulder.

play (noun) - Sexual activity, especially BDSM activity.

In one large room, there were a couple of tables, a few chairs, a tiny bar, and then a small play area with a couple of pieces of equipment. We went and got a drink, since we had no plans to actually do any S/M play.

pocket pal (noun) - A sex toy shaped to resemble a vagina.

They can browse the selection of videos or compare prices on vibrators of implausible length and thickness or silicone "pocket pals" molded from the vulvas of famous porn stars.

polyamory (noun) - Having sexual relationships with more than one person.

"Polyamory" comes from the Greek word for "multiple" and the Latin word for "love." We use it to refer to amorous relationships which deliberately and openly involve more than two partners.

pop someone's cherry (verb) - To take someone's virginity. See CHERRY.

porn (abbreviation) - PORNOGRAPHY

pornography (noun) - Any sexually explicit picture, movie, book, etc. Usually used in a derogatory sense. Compare EROTICA.

pre-cum (noun) - A small amount of clear fluid sometimes emitted by the penis during sexual arousal/stimulation but before ejaculation.

It is a clear discharge that can have a high concentration of sperm. This is called pre-ejaculatory fluid, also know as pre-ejaculation or pre-cum. This fluid is released during sexual arousal, and is general not felt by the male.

premarital sex (noun) - Sexual intercourse between two young, unmarried people.

Despite the segregation of boys and girls, premarital sex is tolerated if it is private and does not result in pregnancy. Infants born out of wedlock are totem ancestors and killed.

premature ejaculation (noun) - When a man cannot control the timing of his orgasm and ejaculates too quickly.

priapism (noun) - An medical condition characterized by a painful erection that won't go down.

Priapism is an uncomfortable, sometimes painful condition which often requires surgery to relieve. If your erection lasts for an unusual period of time, go directly to the emergency department of the nearest hospital.

pudendum, pudenda (noun) - A woman's external genitals; the VULVA.

Olga is doing a provocative set of leg-lifts and splits, half calisthenic and half exhibition, her fishnet stockings and black mini-shorts not quite covering her pudendum.

pussy (noun) - The vagina.

pussy juice (noun) - JUICE.

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