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maidenhead   (noun) - VIRGINITY; the HYMEN.

make-out slut (noun) - A woman who tends to kiss many men but rarely (or never) has sexual intercourse.

masturbation (noun) -, masturbate (verb) - Giving oneself sexual pleasure, especially using the hand to stimulate the genitals, and often resulting in orgasm.

masturbatory Relating to or similar to MASTURBATION.

Some chat room talks have raised chuckles by noting that the spring-loaded right arm of the 12-inch-high "Rad Repeatin' Tarzan" can be pumped rapidly up and down, from below the figure's loin cloth toward its chest in a movement that can be seen as masturbatory, as it issues the famous Tarzan yodel.

masturbilia (noun) - Something used during masturbation, like a picture, article of clothing, or other object, that reminds the masturbator of someone they are fantasizing about. Derived from combining "masturbation" and "memorabilia".

menage a trois (noun) - When three people have sex together at once. A threesome.

M.I.L.F. (Mother I'd Like to Fuck) - n A sexually attractive middle-aged woman.

missionary position (noun) - The "traditional" sexual position in the West, where the woman lies on her back with her legs spread and the man mounts her with his arms supporting his weight.

Once you and your partner are in the missionary position, you can try many variations which will give different sensations. The first is that the woman can lift and bend her legs slightly with her feet flat on the mattress

Less exhausting on the forearms than normal missionary style, and if you're strong enough you can even free up a hand to stroke her tits.

mistress (noun) - A dominant woman in a BDSM relationship; a DOMINATRIX.

Until a woman is aware of your anatomy, it is not feasible that she become the ravaging Mistress-from-hell with the nasty dick, ready to take you.

money shot (noun) - The climactic scene in a porn film when the man ejaculates, usually onto the woman's body or face; a cum shot.

multiorgasmic (adjective) - Prone to having MULTIPLE ORGASMS.

multiple orgasm (noun) -, also multiple climax (noun) - Having more than one orgasm in a single sex session, especially in rapid succession. Usually experienced by women.

There's a reason that the woman is having so many multiple climaxes during those hot love scenes in the movies.

This book advances the argument that ejaculating is bad for men's overall health, and suggests enjoying non-ejaculatory multiple orgasms so that pleasure may be enhanced AND so that ejaculation may be avoided.

mutual masturbation (noun) - Masturbating in close proximity to someone else or using the hand to fondle another person's genitals.

Mutual masturbation can be a thrilling experience, but first, we need to study the basics of manual technique. Most men feel women aren't skilled at handling penises. Their grips are too limp, lacking conviction and exuberance.

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