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gang bang (noun) - When many men have sex with a single woman one after another or even at the same time.

gay (adjective) - HOMOSEXUAL. Refers to both homosexual men and homosexual women (also called LESBIANS).

GFE (Girlfriend Experience) - n. A session with a prostitute where the prostitute treats her client as if she were his girlfriend.

giantess (noun) - A huge, larger-than-life woman that is a object of fetishistic interest. 

From his vantage less than thirty feet in front of the giantess, he could barely see above that bosom to the face which protruded above. >

glory hole (noun) - A hole cut through a wall, allowing anonymous sex between people on either side of the wall. Often found in gay sex clubs.

A glory hole is a small fist-sized hole between private video booths in an adult bookstore. The hole is placed about hip high for the average guy and is large enough to place a man's penis through to let the person on the other side perform whatever sexual activity he pleases on it.

glans (noun) -, glans penis (noun) - The tip of the penis.

If you know that the touch of your tongue on the underside of his glans is going to send him off, and you want him to be able to continue, don't do it. Wait.

go down (verb) - To perform ORAL SEX on a man or woman. 

These tips will introduce you to some of the basics of cunnilingus and help you go down like a pro.

golden shower (noun) - Urinating on someone else. See also WATERSPORTS.

I love golden showers. In one dungeon where I work, I'm known as the community toilet.

gonorrhea (noun) - A sexually transmitted disease, caused by the gonococcus bacteria, that causes painful urination in men and puss discharge from the penis.

gonzo (noun) - Adult videos which lack any plot or pretense and just show people having sex on camera.

"What I find most interesting about sex is reality. That's why I like gonzo as opposed to scripted tapes. I like people being themselves rather than being a character. I did some shoots where people liked the people with whom they were working and put them in a situation where they could be free and relaxed. No sharp corners or strange positions. Just let the people go. It turned out great. It's just too relaxed. 

gorilla salad (noun) - Pubic hair.

G-spot (noun) - [Grafenberg Spot] An area in the upper wall of the vagina supposed to be especially pleasurable when stimulated. 

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