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facial (noun) - When a man ejaculates on a someone's face. Used in the phrase "give a facial."

facesitting (verb) - A fetish practice where a woman sits on a man's face, smothering him.  

fanny fart (noun) - QUEEF.

felch (verb) - To ejaculate into an anus and then lick or suck the semen out. Sometimes this word is mistakenly used to refer to placing a gerbil or other small animal into the anus.

fellate (verb) - Perform FELLATIO.

"You've got funky-tasting spunk," Samantha tells her bitter she refuses to fellate his foully spurting member.

fellatio (noun) - Oral sex performed on a man.

female ejaculation (noun) - When a woman has an orgasm and expels fluid from her genitals. Note: this is a controversial concept, some people suggesting that this is nothing more than a woman urinating after or during an orgasm. 

The conventional medical establishment has dismissed "female ejaculation" as actually being a condition known as urinary stress incontinence. This condition is considered to be an undesirable bodily dysfunction in which urine is involuntarily expelled from the urethras of women due to physical straining such as might also occur with coughing or sneezing as well as sexual arousal or orgasm.

femdom (noun) - A woman who takes the dominant role in BDSM play; a DOMINATRIX

Sometimes a femdom is just in "that kind of mood"...why not go online and torture some willing victims? I prefer real life S&M, with telephone domination a close second. However, when I am in the right mood, and have the right victim, I enjoy a little bit of internet torment.

femme (adjective) - Possessing traditional feminine appearance, attributes and behaviors. Often used to describe gay men and women. Opposite of BUTCH.

feminization (verb) - Dressing a man up in women's clothing, make-up, etc. to take on a female appearance. Sometimes used in BDSM play as a form of humiliation.

In feminization, a man dresses up as a woman, perhaps in silky lingerie. A mistress might apply makeup, silky stockings, panties, and even a bra and falsies to help him achieve a more feminine appearance.

fetish (noun) - A strong sexual interest in or obsession over some object, body part, or activity. Examples include foot fetish and latex fetish. Also used broadly to describe any non-traditional sex, especially BDSM. 

finger (verb) - To stimulate a woman sexually with the hand, especially stimulating the clitoris to produce an orgasm.

fist (verb) - fisting (noun) - (verb) - To place much of the hand, or the entire hand, in the vagina or anus.

flaccid (adjective) - Of a penis, soft, not aroused.

There is no audible signal but presumably they all climax because the men release flaccid, spent dicks.

It's enough to make the typical flaccid penis--about three and a half inches long and one and a quarter inches thick--two inches longer and more than a half inch thicker.

flash (verb) To expose oneself, especially in a short, sudden manner. Usually used to refer to men showing their penis and women showing their breasts.

fluffer (noun) - A woman or man who performs oral sex on an actor to arouse him in preparation for a MONEY SHOT ("cum shot") that must be filmed quickly and with little on-camera preparation. Also called "fluff girl" or "fluff boy".

The Fluffer is a possibly mythical figure in gay porn who sits seductively off stage during photo shoots, until the stars lose their erections. Then the fluffer is called in to provide his talents and whip the stars back into good form so the photo shoot can continue.

fondle (verb) - To touch or caress someone, especially the genitals or breasts. Often used to refer to unwanted touching.

foot job (noun) Rubbing feet on the penis, usually until ejaculation.

foreplay (noun) - Sexual activity as a prelude to intercourse, including kissing, gential fondling, and oral sex.

foreskin (noun) A fold of skin that covers the tip of the penis; it is removed in circumcision. See Dr. Dean Edell's gallery of uncircumcised penises.

fornicate (verb) -, fornication - (noun) - Sexual intercourse between unmarried people. Usually used in a derogatory or moralistic sense.

frottage (noun) - Rubbing against someone else for sexual pleasure without engaging in penetration. Generally used to refer to consensual activity. See also FROTTEURISM.

Never mind that many in the group practice frottage out of concern for the current health (verb) - crisis, which should be enough to make anyone want to get into rubbing.

Frotteurism (noun) - A fetish that involves rubbing up against an unsuspecting or unwilling person. Consensual rubbing is usually called FROTTAGE.

Some classic texts distinguish groping -- "toucherism" -- from rubbing, but the DSM-IV compiles both exploits under the banner of frotteurism. -

frotteurist (noun) - One who engages in FROTTEURISM.

fuck (verb) - To have sexual intercourse. Also used to describe penetrative activities other than penis/vagina intercourse, (e.g., finger-fuck, tit-fuck.)

Then Sky and Halli get down to some serious dildo fucking on the washer and dryer set. "I love fucking girls!" Sky screams.

fudge packer (noun) - A derogatory, offensive term for someone who engages in anal sex, especially a male homosexual.

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