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Dictionary of Sex Terminology

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castrate (verb) -, castration (noun) - Removing the testicles of a man.

cherry (noun) - The HYMEN or, figuratively used for virginity, as in "to pop someone's cherry", to take someone's virginity.


Synonym for `penis' used in alt.tasteless and popularized by the denizens thereof. They say: "We think maybe it's from Middle English but we're all too damned lazy to check the OED." [I'm not. It isn't. --ESR] This term is alleged to have been inherited through 1960s underground comics, and to have been recently sighted in the Beavis and Butthead cartoons. Speakers of the Hindi, Bengali and Gujarati languages have confirmed that `choad' is in fact an Indian vernacular word equivalent to `fuck'; it is therefore likely to have entered English slang via the British Raj.

chocolate starfish (noun) - Humorous term for the ANUS. So named because the anus looks like a starfish, "chocolate" refers to shit. Sometimes used in a derogatory sense against gay people.

circumcision (noun) -, circumcise (verb) - Removing the FORESKIN of the penis, often done to infants. 

I've told you about one previous study that compared the responses to vaccinations by boys who were circumcised and those who were intact. It turns out those who were circumcised were more sensitive to the inoculations -- they screamed and yelled more -- than the boys who weren't circumcised.

clap (noun) - GONORRHEA. Usage note: usually used in the phrase "the clap"

But - The - Clap came back, the very next day, The clap came back, bad case of gonorrhea And the clap came back It just wouldn't stay away...

clean  (adjective) - Not having a sexually transmitted disease, especially AIDS.

The question "Are you clean?" is not referring to your state of cleanliness. Rather, it refers to whether you have a potential to be diseased. - GloryHole FAQ

climax (noun, verb) ORGASM.

Use this breathing technique during sex to awaken or accelerate your arousal, to make sure you don't hold your breath, or to cool down whenever you get too close to climaxing.

clit (abbreviation) - CLITORIS.

One scene after another caught my eye. I was surrounded by larger-than-life fucking, sucking, fisting -- a Great Wall of clit was positively buzzing. Everything made me horny.

clitoris (noun) - The female sexual organ located at the top front of the vulva that, when stimulated, becomes hard and can produce an orgasm.  more...

Plus it's almost impossible to stimulate her clitoris like this, so make sure that she's well warmed up beforehand.

cock (noun) - PENIS.

First I like to lube up my inner thighs, then lube up my cock. Next I stick my cock between the thighs that are lubed up keep pushing my cock until I climax, pushing my cock with my middle and ring finger.

cock snot (noun) - Humorous term for SEMEN.

cockpit (noun) - Humorous, vulgar term for VAGINA.

cock ring (noun) - A device, often a leather strap, placed at the base of an erect penis in order to restrict blood flow and maintain an erection.

A cock ring must be put on and removed when the penis is soft. First pull your scrotal skin and balls through the ring, then fold your flaccid penis down and pull the ring up over it.

coitus (verb) - Sexual intercourse between a man and a woman, where the man puts his penis in the woman's vagina.

Plus, you can squeeze that well-developed muscle to delay your orgasm a bit, or to make your penis 'jump' during coitus - a sweet sensation for you both.

coitus interruptus (noun) - Removing the penis from the vagina before the man ejaculates as a form of contraception; pulling out.

come (noun) - SEMEN. Also spelled "cum".

come (verb) - To have an ORGASM.

condom (noun) - A sheath placed over the penis during sexual intercourse to prevent pregnancy and the transmission of disease by forming a barrier and capturing the semen. Condoms are usually made of latex but sometimes are made of polyurethane or animal skin. 

corprophilia (noun) - Sexual interest in feces (shit).

coprophagia (noun) - Eating feces (shit). Considered an extremely dangerous sexual practice.

copulate   (verb) - To have SEXUAL INTERCOURSE.

cream (verb) - When used in reference to men: to ejaculate. When used with women: to produce vaginal lubrication; to female ejaculate.

I like wanking with a cucumber. First cut a hole into it a bit smaller than your cock. Then put it under a mattress and fuck it until you cream your load. -

cross-dress (verb) - For a man to wear women's clothing. Used especially for men who only occasionally dress as women but maintain their masculine identity otherwise. See also TRANSVESTITE, TRANSSEXUAL

On the other hand, in many cases, cross-dressing is probably a harmless and intermittent habit that does not indicate any serious psychological impairment.

I am a closet crossdresser, I want to go out shopping and give myself away, let the saleswomen know I am shopping for myself because i want to experience a women knowingly help me pick out lingerie for myself.

crushing (noun) - A fetish practice where someone steps on food, insects, or even small animals.

Insects become a fetish object for the crush freak, who wishes to be an insect ground underfoot. Witnessing or imagining the act of a woman crushing an insect is sexually arousing.

cum (noun) - SEMEN.

cunnilingus (noun) - Oral sex performed on a woman; specifically, licking the clitoris of a woman to produce an orgasm.

The person performing cunnilingus should look into their partner's face and eyes for guidance, asking her if she likes what they are doing.

cunt (noun) - Harsh, often offensive term used to refer to the VAGINA.

cut - adj. CIRCUMCISED. Opposite of UNCUT.

cyber (verb) - Engage in CYBERSEX.

cybersex (noun) - Having sex over the Internet. Usually refers to erotic chatting via the computer while one or both of the parties is masturbating.


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