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Abortion (noun) - Premature termination of pregnancy, either natural and spontaneous, or induced. Deliberately induced abortion is most commonly by means of a short surgical operation, or by medical means, through the administration of certain drugs and/or prostaglandins. The most common causes of natural abortion include accident and infection.

Abstinence (verb) - Refraining from sexual activity for personal, moral or religious reasons. Abstinence can also be practised as a contraceptive measure. See Celibacy.

afterglow (noun) -  The good feeling experienced after sex, especially the feeling of a woman after an orgasm.

I screamed as we both climaxed, then he held me close and all we could do was breathe. Time passed in the glorious afterglow, then we pulled our bodies apart, just holding hands and grinning like maniacs.- Star Wars Fan Fiction

Age of consent/b> - The age at which individuals can legally engage in sexual contact with other people. This varies from one jurisdiction to another.

AID (Artificial Insemination by Donor) - Also called Donor Insemination, the procedure by which the semen of an anonymous donor is inserted mechanically into a womanís vagina close to the cervix in order to achieve pregnancy.

Altoids (noun) - Brand name of a breath mint, said to provide extra pleasure when used by a person giving FELLATIO.

She also showed him an email describing the effect of chewing Altoid mints before performing oral sex. Ms. Lewinsky was chewing Altoids at the time, but the President replied that he did not have enough time for oral sex. - Starr Report

Amenorrhoea (adjective) - Absence of periods. The term primary amenorrhoea is used when menstruation has not started by the age of sixteen; secondary amenorrhoea is when periods stop for six months or longer. Causes of secondary amenorrhoea include pregnancy and rapid weight loss.

Ampallang (noun) - Rod inserted horizontally through the glans of the penis as a form of genital piercing. If functions as body decoration and may heighten sexual arousal for the manís partner. See Piercing.

anal beads (noun) - A string of beads inserted into the ANUS and often pulled out during ORGASM.

Anal beads resemble a string of pearls or beads - very large beads - which are meant to be inserted into the anal cavity.

anal sex (noun) -  Sex involving the insertion of the penis or some other body part or object into the anus.

All kinds of lube are used for anal sex, from spit to Vaseline to high-tech silicone-based lubes. We'd strongly recommend spending a little money to get a high quality water-based lubricant.

Androgyne (noun) - Person that has both make and female sexual characteristics. Also known as a hermaphrodite.

angry dragon (noun) - Ejaculating in someone's mouth and then hitting them in the back of the head, forcing the cum out of their nose so that they look like an angry dragon breathing fire.

analingus, anilinguis (noun) -  Oral sex performed on the anus. See also RIMMING.

Cleanliness is even more of a issue with analingus than with traditional oral sex.

anorgasmic (adjective) - Incapable of having an ORGASM.

anus (noun) - The opening between the buttocks through which you shit and can have ANAL SEX. The "ass hole".

Apadravya (noun) - Rod inserted vertically into the glans of the penis as a form of genital piercing. It functions as body decoration and may heighten sexual arousal both for the man and his partner. See Piercing.

Aphrodisiac (noun) - Anything (substance, smell, words, music etc) believed to increase sexual desire or performance. The word is derived form the ancient Greek word aphrodisios, meaning belonging to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love.

Arab straps (noun) - Straps that are fastened around the penis. Like other similar devices - cock and ball straps, cock rings, Gates of Hell - they are usually made of rubber or leather and help produce and maintain a manís erection by trapping blood in the penis. Sometimes they are used therapeutically in cases of erection failure. Some people also find their appearance arousing and they may also provide physical stimulation for the wearerís partner.

Areola (noun) - Area of pigmented skin surrounding the human nipple that swells a little during sexual arousal.

Armpits(noun) - The armpits are erogenous zones for many people, particularly women. Axillary intercourse, in which a manís penis is gripped in his partnerís armpit while he thrusts, is a common form of non-penetrative intercourse. The strong body odours produced in this area also give it a fetishistic appeal for many.

Arousal (verb) - Physiological and mental changes that occur to the body in response to sexual stimuli and which prepare it for sexual interaction or intercourse.

Auto-eroticism (verb) - Term for masturbation.

Axillary sex - See Armpit.

autofellatio (noun) - For a man to perform oral sex on himself, putting his penis in his own mouth.

Many will remember Scott for his prodigious autofellatio-friendly penis and his impish good looks. - POZ

Autofellatio is a yet less-common and more unlikely feat than fisting, and it requires certain inborn anatomical peculiarities Ė if you ain't got it 'em, you ain't gonna get anywhere. Got a pen? OK, take this down: You will need a short torso, a longish dick, and a very flexible spine.

autoerotic strangulation (noun) - Suffocating oneself via strangulation for sexual stimulation, especially to increase the intensity of orgasm. A dangerous practice that sometimes results in death.

Nearly all reported autoerotic strangulation deaths to date involve men.

autoerotic asphyxiation (noun) - AUTOEROTIC STRANGULATION.

Of the various types of abnormal sexual behavior, or "paraphilias" as defined by medicine, probably the most bizarre and dangerous is autoerotic asphyxiation, also known as sexual hanging. Autoerotic asphyxia is the practice of inducing cerebral anoxia, usually by means of self-applied ligatures or suffocating devices, while the individual masturbates to orgasm.

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